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Tricia Elliott

A background in 'cleaning up' organisations and businesses that needed help - some 20 years' experience - made me realise that good management of the internal "back office" parts of the business was very often the key to business success and long life.

Good business management includes all those things we generally hate:  paying the bills; hiring, paying and firing staff; managing cashflow; meeting all our compliance requirements (which increase every year); setting up the electronic and paper systems which protect and strengthen our business.

I discovered I had a particular talent for this area of business - so that, whatever the industry area, I can assist small business to become stronger internally, and to do what they do better, more efficiently, and more profitably.

Of course along the way I have acquired the qualifications and skills, and have joined those networks and professional bodies that will keep me up to date, so that I can keep your business up to date.

Pick our brains!  Engage our services either long or short-term, and rely on us to assist you professionally and confidentially.

Contact  Tricia Elliott 0438 201 491   

to take the next step in strengthening your business.


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