Probably the most important checklist for you to use is this one: 

What should I look for in a Bookkeeper?

Is my bookkeeper:

  • accurate and thorough
  • reliable and dependable
  • hard-working - not a clock-watcher
  • careful with details - checking before processing
  • able to work with numbers quickly, easily and constantly
  • very knowledgeable and experienced with financial and other software
  • a good communicator - tells the facts clearly and succinctly
  • a good backstop for my business - shows understanding of small business and its dilemmas, and works with me to help my business grow?


If not - why are you using them? 

Call us today, to see how we match up to your checklist!

Other Checklists

We build other checklists for your business as we work with you:

  • cashflow management and budgeting
  • financial procedures
  • taxation and superannuation
  • payroll and human resources
  • other business management systems as you need

All tailored to your business - held at your business for you to use at any time.


Contact:    Tricia Elliott  0438 201 491 (all hours)



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